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Hanaiel is the bale of bloodshed and misfortune, back in the old time before there was kings and queens of shiltz, Hanaiel attacked all the humans, the remaining humans went to blue eyes and one human(?) was able to warn off Hanaiel troops and Sealed her away in a place that is called Forest of cross, before she was sealed she prophecised she will create a sword that craves for blood no matter who uses it will be obsessed with killing which will result to the holder of the swords downfall, it is said this sword brings misfortune to outlaws such as causing a roof falling down or even death. If Hanaiel was ever let out again the humans will not be able to handle her tearshed of blood which will result in the destruction of the human race.
Attributes Type

Base Status

Level HP Attack Power Defense Speed Movement Range Target Lock
145 2,226,000 1,137 975 NORMAL NORMAL CLOSE No

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