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Albereo's Special Toolbox 2
Prevents item disappearing while refining Special Items

Are you afraid to refine your special item and losing it from refine failure?
If so, try this item!
It will prevent your item's disappearance by 100% in the case of refine failure.
When refining Special Items drag the item to be refined,
Install Albereo's Toolbox into the cash slot.


General items: when refined to +9 ~ +12
G refine items: when refined to+8 ~ +12
Refine grade will decrease to +6 in exchange.
Does not affect the success rate of refining.
Only for special item refine.
Normal items refine, rune refine are not possible.
Class Required
Any Classes
Status Requirements
Level 0
More Information
Tradeable ✔️
Item Mall ✔️
Cash Item ✔️
Consumable/Use ✔️

Base Status

Economic Attributes

Purchase Price Sale Price
900 RPs -

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